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This is the project I’ve been working on. I’ve become a consulting artist for WASD keyboards, and this is my first prototype. In the next few months they will be releasing a line of Premium Keyboards for sale, which will include Tengwar (Shown, Tolkien’s invention for his various languages of the Elves) as well Gallifreyan and Hylian. In the near future I plan to also release the Ancient’s Alphabet (SG1), Vulcan, Romulan, Daedric (Elder Scrolls, Skyrim/Oblivion etc), as well as Atlantean (SGA)

For those unaware, WASD Keyboards puts out the highest end mechanical keyboards. If you don’t know why you should use a mechanical keyboard, then you need to try a mechanical keyboard.

Subscribe and stay tuned as more updates come out. I’m very excited about these, and hope they’re well received.


If you dislike Oberyn Martell then we cannot be friends

I love that fucker. I love him a lot. jfc.

The “Everybody is done with everybody” Wedding

Make me choose - avedaenerys asked: Éowyn or Arwen?


Original fanart by ~Omarito on Deviantart.

To all my friends going to Hobbitcon, have fun and stay safe!





Wish we were hiding in the luggages of tankhera and jayfur :(!!

Maybe one day we’ll be able to make it! All I have is a RingCon button from 2004, from a friend lol! But one day…haven’t been back to Germany since I was born there and left when I was 3!

Anyways…have extra fun for us! I’ll be over here slaving away at Gimli, prepping for Dragon*con! ;)

*checks luggage for elves* Mahal-willing, there’s always next year!

Drink a couple pints for me! 

Awwww love every single one of you and wish you all were coming With us. Hold the ford down whiles were gone and if Aulë wills it, we’re going there and (coming) back again Xoxo.. In a couple hours I will be farthest away from home I’ve been…miss and love you all!

Good luck guys! You’re going to have so much fun, I can tell! Just remember you have to come back! 


30 days // 14. your favorite cartoon character

Names Megara. My friends call me Meg,at least they would if I had any friends.