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Rurouni Kenshin: live action movie ver. 
Kenshin Himura cosplayed by Jin
photo by Reskiy

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Yes yes and more yes


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#Herculesmovie 5/5

Dear Tumblr,

I understand the new Hercules movie is historically inaccurate. It is also based off of a comic book/graphic novel. Hercules: The Thracian Wars.

Also: Fighting in a belly showing outfit is about as fair as fighting in a short leather skirt. Or leather banana hammocks. Just ask Gerard Butler. 

leather banana hammock

As a feminist, I see your point. As a lesbian… … I appreciated those abs.

Only if your manhood was as long as your tongue

- Hercules (via jewelymusiclyfe) -


Also there’s a bit of man-pain

His wife killed, and there was a scene with damsel in distress

Could’ve had more diversity

Is this a troll blog? Like… Hercules is a traditionally White/Greek character being played by Dwayne Johnson. His father was Rocky Johnson, part of the first Black Tag Team to win a Championship. His grandfather was Peter Maivia, a Samoan wrestler. I mean.

I REALLY hope this is a troll blog. Like. Really bad. Otherwise…. I mean. He was the Title character. I just—- Okay.

Edit: Reece Ritchie, Iolaus, is a ‘mix’. His father is South African.


Pedro Moon!!!

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